My Interview with Pat O’Brien

I recently sat down for an interview on Business Rockstars with Pat O’Brien, who’s career as a sportscaster includes covering six Olympics and the World Series, NBA Finals, Super Bowl, and Final Four. Our wide-ranging interview covered YouTube, James Brown, VR/AR, Blake Shelton, how to grow personally as a CEO, and how to make money online, among other topics.

Below are four highlights from my interview with Pat, which in fun ways relate to my work building MagicLinks.

Blake Shelton Rocks with 94 Year Old

Pat shared a recent experience his 94 year old mother-in-law had that almost instantly made her a YouTube sensation. She attended a Blake Shelton concert, and while dancing in the front row held up this sign. Blake obliged, and gave her a big hug during his performance. This illustrates the trends that are happening in online video: Authentic. Live. Unique. Engaged. Huge Audience Reach.

This short video of her experience will make you wish you were 94 again.

How to Grow as a CEO

While being CEO of a tech start-up can be glamorized, it is an immensely challenging and at times lonely role. Your decisions can determine the fate of the company. I look for help from many people, including individual coaching from Breck Costin, a world renowned private coach, and being a part of a CEO forum group. My forum group is a group of diverse women and men who have wide ranging life experiences. Our monthly conversations enhance my ability to understand perspectives different from my own and talk about the hardest 5% of life that rarely gets discussed in other settings. I find this time immensely valuable for my personal development.

James Brown illustrates the value of MagicLinks

Pat described watching a video of James Brown, and seeing a fan standing behind him wearing a “Godfather of Soul” t-shirt. Pat paused the video, opened a new browser tab, went to eBay, searched for the t-shirt, found it, and ordered it.

With MagicLinks, you are simply a click away from this experience. MagicLinks is great for creators, fans, and retailers, and is revolutionizing social commerce.

Where is Social Going?

Facebook has empowered authenticity, as people are now much more comfortable interacting online as themselves. We’ve also seen open social platforms that allow the instant publication of your ideas to nearly everyone on the planet, whether via Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, Twitter, or Facebook.

I think the next revolution will be associated with increasing augmented reality, where social postings happen passively rather than formally (and slowly) edited. Why interact while sitting at your computer, or looking down at your phone, when sharing and receiving information can be a part of your experience in a natural way? Snapchat is leading the charge in this area. Investor and entrepreneur Scott Belsky recently explained his views about these trends.

My full interview with Pat O’Brien is about 20 minutes, and you can view it below. We cover a wide variety of topics. In addition to the above, we talk about what I learned from my worst job, Amazon’s e-commerce pillars, the importance of listening, and how Julia Roberts compares to today’s YouTube stars.

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