6 Essential Tips for Content Creators

Over the weekend I had the opportunity to moderate the Digital Wave kick-off panel at the SoGal Influencer Summit, hosted by Chenchen Sun at Cross Campus in downtown LA. Tati Westbrook, a leading YouTube star with 2.2M subscribers to her GlamLifeGuru channel, gave an inspirational keynote to start the morning.

The Digital Wave panel focused on emerging trends in the influencer space over a lively, informative discussion with leaders in the Los Angeles tech and creator community. We covered how to measure Influence, emerging trends in Live Video, Subscription vs. Free platforms, and where Content Creation is headed.

At the end of our discussion, I asked our panelists to share their one most important tip for content creators, and their answers – shared on the fly – represent outstanding true north compass points for creators wishing to grow both audience and earnings.

1) Follow Your Heart – Chris Erwin, COO of Big Frame.

Chris shared that creating compelling content is challenging, ever evolving, and requires persistence. Your heart must be in it to bring creative energy and to push through obstacles. If your heart is in it, people can tell, and will be drawn to your content.

2) Get Offline and Get Outside – Jaclyn Mullen, COO of Jaclyn Mullen Media.

Jaclyn shared that spending time offline, and away from the incessant digital distractions from text messages, Snapchats, Facebook messages, etc. is a must. Engage deeply with the world around you, open your heart and mind to real-life experiences, and bring a fresh perspective to your creation of digital content.

3) Be an Entrepreneur – Moj Mahdara, CEO and Founder of Beautycon Media.

Moj, an accomplished entrepreneur and one of the 50 Most Influential Women in America, shared that as a content creator you are a brand, and your business involves both content creation and monetization. Be smart, build your brand with the tenacity of leading entrepreneurs, choose to partner with people and causes you believe in, and take responsibility for your personal and business growth.

4) Just Do It – Benny Luo, Founder of NextShark.

Benny shared that making a viral hit is not easy, and unless you get lucky, you are likely to suffer multiple failures before you find something that works for you. Consider advice and examples from others, but ultimately you need to take the plunge, start creating, putting your work out into the world, and learning what works for you.

5) Collaborate – Luisa Huang, Co-Founder of Feldspar Studios.

Luisa shared the importance of collaboration, which can help you learn from experts, accelerate your audience growth, and grow business relationships. In digital content creation, find people with whom you have a common passion and who have a complementary audience to grow exposure with new fans. Done right, this can be a lot of fun!

6) Keep Evolving – Phil Ranta, COO of Studio 71.

Phil shared that the creators who keep evolving their content in creative ways tend to capture the hearts of their fans and build a sustainable personal brand. Much like stand-up comedy, once you have a joke that works, it’s time to tear it up and build a new bit, and the same goes for content. When you’ve reached a content plateau that begins to feel formulaic, look for the next mountain to climb, and do so creatively, to build a lasting brand in a quickly evolving ecosystem.

Such great insights from a group of leaders who are at the forefront of the next generation of digital content businesses. Thank you!

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