Masters of Innovation in Affiliate Marketing

I recently spoke on Innovation at CJU16, hosted by CJ Affiliate (formerly Commission Junction) at the Fess Parker Resort in Santa Barbara. This invitation only event is attended by leaders of the world’s most recognized brands and publishers. MagicLinks was asked to present because of our focus on empowering authentic communication with YouTube content creators.

What do you need to know about YouTube, and creators who have earned a following in this exciting medium?

1) YouTube is about CONNECTION

magiclinks CJU 2016 4

YouTube creators are very different than traditional celebrities. A movie star like Brad Pitt is placed on a pedestal in our minds. Most fans think of Brad Pitt as being very distant from their own experience. In contrast, YouTube stars have an intimate connection with their fans. They film from their apartment, from a few feet away, and share intimate details about their lives – joys they experience, struggles they face, and adventures they take. The connection is real, authentic, and deep. Fans can relate to a YouTube creators’ experience intimately, and think of them as friends.

2) YouTube is MASSIVE!

magiclinks CJU 2016 3

There are more videos viewed on YouTube every day than there are search queries entered into Google. More than 300 hours of new content is uploaded onto YouTube every minute. People look to YouTube for information about how to change a bike tire, how to create the perfect look, or how to play with toys, in addition to fun cat videos. Video, as a medium, is the most compelling form of communication, as 90% of communication is non-verbal. Text messages don’t communicate nearly the same amount of information as a video.

3) YouTube Creators MATTER!

magiclinks CJU 2016 2

A fun survey highlights how important YouTube stars are to people aged 13-18, and illustrates the larger point. Variety found that 5 of the top 6 most recognizable celebrities for this age group are YouTube stars. Leo DiCaprio came in #20, behind YouTubers like Smosh, Michelle Phan, and PewDiePie. For young people today, and especially those under the age of 18, the majority of the content they consume in a video format comes through YouTube. It’s only natural that the people they connect to most are those who are stars in this medium.

4) YouTube Creators face CHALLENGES!

magiclinks CJU 2016 1

If you are a YouTube creator, your income doesn’t come close to that of traditional celebrities. Your star power, and your influence, is still significantly undervalued by the market. This doesn’t feel very good. And you face a real challenge – how do you earn income, without losing your authentic connection with fans, which is what drives your audience growth and engagement?

MagicLinks helps solve this problem for creators. Share links to products you love, and earn extra income if your fans choose to shop. It’s simple, helpful, and authentic.

We are honored to innovate in this space, to help address the challenges faced by YouTube creators, and to have the opportunity to shape authentic social commerce.

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