MagicLinks named “Innovator of the Year – Publisher” by CJ Conversant at 2016 CJ You Awards

What an amazing honor for MagicLinks to receive the “Innovator of the Year – Publisher” award at the CJ You Awards, an industry leading conference featuring many of the world’s top retailers and publishers.

Other finalists for the award, which is defined as the “most creative use of new ideas, methods, or technologies to shape the affiliate world,” included Time, Inc. and Link Haito, a US/China e-commerce platform. Prior winners include ShopStyle and Wanelo. Amazing company for our small team of maverick innovators! Full press on Yahoo! Finance is here.

I would like to share a huge thank you to all of the YouTube creators who believed in the MagicLinks mission from our earliest days. Serein Wu of Dress Yourself Happy, Jessica Braun of JamBeauty89, Keaton Keller of Techsmartt, Elle Florence of Nouvelle Pearls, the Glam Twinz, and so many more – this award is because of the trust you put into MagicLinks and our team to help build social commerce tools for you.

Many of the worlds’ leading brands have been supportive of our mission to empower authentic social commerce, and this award is also a testament to the trust these brands put into our pioneering efforts and the creators we support.

Finally, the MagicLinks team. So many long days, creative sessions, and a journey full of both challenges and successes. Chris Levy’s outstanding engineering work, Schuyler Minert’s focus on new business, Laurie Johnson’s product and publishing efforts, Cindy, Janet, Gina, Jodi, Richel and so many more – this recognition is because of your efforts.

Receiving this award is amazing milestone, and marks the start of the next phase of our evolution. Thank you again, and if you haven’t already, come join us for the next stage of Innovation at MagicLinks!

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